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1992– the year I was born.

the year a jewish settlement was started, in the heart of Silwan.

i was 6 years old, the first time i ever layed my feet on the ground in what happens to be the most controversial places on earth.

i see kids who look like my self, brown skin and arab faces; i see people who share my same features– cousins, uncles, aunts, my tayta.

Silwan, a place where children once lived peacefully, now live in hell. teargas fills the streets while mothers calling out for their children, hoping they aren’t amongst the arrested.

a place where children didn’t have to worry about  a jewish settler running them over; a place where soldiers were not on every corner.

Silwan– a place that has been conquered by many  for many years, which you could see in the people who live there.

a family with red hair, a family with blonde hair and blue eyes, a family with dark skin, all speaking the same language; the language their ancestors have been speaking for centuries– the language of arabic.

walls bearing the names of the martyred, it says Milad Ayyash on that wall and to the right the name Samer Sarhan in green.

families driven to the streets as their houses are taken over; history of ancestry now replaced by menorahs and flags of blue and white.

when israeli security jeeps pass by a group of young boys, it’s followed by the sound of a stone hitting the metal– usually ends by a boy of a young age arrested and tortured.

this place is my home, not in permanence but in presence of heart. where my ancestors have seen the cycle of blood shed many times over the decades– but will continue their struggle of existence in the land that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Silwan will be kept alive, not by the stones but by the hearts of the people. my blood runs through the veins of the village of Silwan, and the memory of martyrs of Silwan will live on.